Why go to church every sunday?


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Автор: Священник Даниил Сысоев
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In this day and age people in the Orthodox Church have forgotten in Whose name they received the sacrament of baptism, and before Whom they will be called to account. The Lord’s obligatory command to consecrate one day each week to Him Who created us, Who continues to nourish and preserve us, is no great sacrifice, especially considering that it exists for the benefit of man, not God.

Without God the soul suffocates, while by participating in the divine services and drawing nourishment from His grace it again flourishes and is transformed, breaking free of oppressive mundane affairs that lead to nowhere. These affairs insist that there is work to be done, that weekends should be spent with the children, doing work around the house, or relaxing with friends.

This pamphlet will help us find answers to the list of objections raised to fulfilling the fourth commandment, to explain why the fullness of prayer to God is not possible outside the Church, and to understand the importance of the Sacraments and the very heart of Christianity: THE SACRAMENT OF HOLY COMMUNION.