The little Tooth. Yulia Sysoeva


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Наличие: В наличии
Автор: Yulia Sysoeva
Издатель: Daniel Sysoev Inc
ISBN: 978-5-4279-0084-3
Гриф ИС:
Количество страниц: 17
Формат издания: pdf, epub
Год издания: 2019


The little Tooth
The little Tooth and Sweets
The Tale of the Dirty Donkey
The Naughty Donkey

Book 1 from the “Be a Brilliant Child” series

This book is about the adventures of Tom, a little tooth. The story focuses on little Tom Tooth who lives with other teeth in an anonymous mouth. Tom is a little stubborn and has problems with germs when he refuses to let the sisters T oothbrush and Toothpaste keep him clean. He is later treated by the kind dentist Dr. Mark. The dentist encourages him to develop healthy oral hygiene habits to defend himself against the army of evil germs that caused the tooth so much suffering.

The book The Little Tooth by essayist and fiction writer Y ulia Sysoeva is her first children’s book.

The Little Tooth is intended for families who read to their children ages 3–7 with the intent to help illustrate healthy brushing habits in a manner that is easy to understand and inspires wonder.