The little Tooth and Sweets. Yulia Sysoeva


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Автор: Yulia Sysoeva
Издатель: Daniel Sysoev Inc
ISBN: 978-5-4279-0085-0
Гриф ИС:
Количество страниц: 17
Формат издания: pdf, epub
Год издания: 2019


The little Tooth
The little Tooth and Sweets
The Tale of the Dirty Donkey
The Naughty Donkey

Book 2 from the “Be a Brilliant Child” series

This book is about the adventures of Tom, a little tooth. The story focuses on little Tom Tooth who lives a happy life in an anonymous mouth along with the other teeth, and is regularly visited by two sisters, Toothbrush and Toothpaste. In this story the adventures of the little tooth continue. Tom is in trouble once again: unable to stop eating sweets, he has turned into a sweet tooth and become very sick. What happens next? You can learn all about it in this book.

This story for family reading is for children ages 3-7.