The Law of God


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Наличие: В наличии
Автор: Священник Даниил Сысоев
Издатель: БФ Миссионерский центр имени иерея Даниила Сысоева
ISBN: 978-5-4279-0027-0
Гриф ИС: 12-122-2262
Количество страниц: 544
Формат издания: pdf, epub, zip, mobi, fb2
Год издания: 2016


On another matter, when I was at our Holy Apostles Mission in Beltsville, MD, Matushka Deborah Johnson gave a copy of the new Law of God that you edited. It is truly the best book I have see for instructing adults in the faith, both those from outside and those in the Church. Perhaps she has already ordered copies. Thank you very much for your efforts in translating it so beautifully. Thanks to the new martyr Father Daniel for writing it!

Also, Matushka Deborah had a copy of the Children’s Prayer Book you edited. Perhaps Sophia has already ordered some copies. I am thinking that it would be very good to give a copy to children who come for their first confession, indicating to them which prayers to start with and gradually adding others as they are ready. It is truly beautiful. God grant you and yours a most blessed Passion Week and a most joyous Pascha.

In Christ,
Father John Townsend

This new edition of The Law of God will serve for the enrichment of catechists and professors of various schools. Many textbooks, including the venerable work by Archpriest Seraphim Slobodskoy, have become dated primarily in terms of the language used. The old phraseology needs to be expanded and explained in contemporary language—a need that has been met in this work by Father Daniel Sysoev. To choose the proper wording is to fi nd the key to the heart of the reader. Such was the goal of the late author of this book. Father Daniel spent ten years laboring at its creation, working on it until the fi nal year of his life, constantly redoing and rewriting individual passages.

And yet The Law of God is not the fruit of the labors and eff orts of one man, for in the fi eld of catechesis it is impossible not to draw on the expertise of the holy fathers and, above all, Holy Scripture. Upon opening this book the believer will fi nd himself in the catechetical school of Father Daniel, will hear his living voice, and will delve into the profound inner world of this talented priest, Christian author, exegete, and missionary.

Archpriest Oleg Stenyaev