How Does God Rule the World? Priest Daniel Sysoev


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Автор: Священник Даниил Сысоев
Издатель: БФ Миссионерский центр имени иерея Даниила Сысоева
ISBN: 978-5-4279-0061-6
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Год издания: 2018


Booklet 3 of 12 from a series of talks given by Priest Daniel Sysoev entitled “How to Inherit Eternal Life.”

This question is the subject of a tremendous number of myths and fancies, and frequently of outright heretical perceptions. If we turn to Holy Scripture we will see that God is the Ruler of all things. When He shows His merciful face, all nature flourishes, whereas when He turns away in wrath all things collapse and crumble. All the kingdoms of the world belong to the Lord God, and to each of them are assigned particular times and seasons. All this, as well as the crimes of the nations and the visitations of God, divine providence, the principle of justice, and the angels’ role in ruling the world, you will learn in this booklet.

God’s Love and God’s Will
The Divine Names
How Does God Rule the World?
On Fear of God and Good Works
On Meekness and Freedom from Anger
On Internal and External Prayer
Spirit, Soul, and Body
On Gluttony and Avarice
On Envy and Despondency
How We Should View the Government
Orthodox Upbringing of Children
The Resurrection of the Dead